Summer of Love Giveaway; ENTER TODAY!

June 7, 2017

Summer of love giveaway starts this week and goes until the end of June. Enter this contest for a chance to win a free photo shoot at one of these four estates!!

Summer of Love giveaway
Sky Studio Wedding
Summer of Love giveaway
Sky Studio Venue

At our Sky Studio venue we provide bridal & save the date photography as well as hosting your wedding events. Such as, receptions, ceremonies and after parties. In fact, the size of Sky Studio is perfect for large events and the view from the top of LA is to die for.

Summer of Love Giveaway
@KrisKan Photography
Summer of Love giveaway
Concrete Loft Estate

The Concrete Loft estate is a dream come true if you’re looking for a modern loft style themed photoshoot.…

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Celebrity Wedding – Hosted by Wedding Estates

May 17, 2017

Our first celebrity wedding! First and foremost, the beautiful Lilly Ghalichi and her new husband Dara take to the gardens at our Pasadena Princess estate for their beautiful wedding photography. These pictures are prior to the wedding, photos shot by the Dukes Images & Jessica Claire. No doubt, Lilly takes wedding glam to another level. Therefore, leaving us and her fans in awe. Not only did Lilly have the most amazingly stunning princess gown for her photography session / wedding. In addition to Lilly’s first gown she had a total of four different looks for the entire night. First, Duke captures her in the first two looks at Pasadena Princess.…

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Wedding Dress Tips for Shopping

April 21, 2017

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress, it’s a task. However, don’t get discouraged just yet. Styles and body types play a huge part in wedding dress shopping. Which style do you like? Which style fits best to your body shape? Depending on how you want to look on your wedding day, you’ll try on tons of styles and brands. Here are a few Wedding Dress Tips for body types and styles.

The Modified A Line

Wedding Dress Tips
Feather & Birch Photography

Modified A line dress; is closely fitted to the body. This dress has a semi long train which flows out on the ground behind you.…

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The Perfect Engagement Ring ; Which Style Suits You ?

April 13, 2017

As a little girl you dream of the perfect engagement ring along with the perfect wedding. Even though, we dream of this perfect ring its not always what we expect.

The perfect engagement ring
Mrs Box

With so many ring styles made today, its hard to pick which one is your absolute favorite. A good way to give your better half a heads up on what you like is to take him into a jewelry store. While inside, try on some rings you like. He will see what style you like as well as figure out your ring size, no pressure!

Wedding Ring Styles

engagement ring
Clean Cut

Clean Cut engagement rings are simple and elegant.…

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Wedding Color of the Year; What is it?

April 6, 2017

According to “Greenery” was picked as its 2017 Wedding Color of the Year! Need a hand picking out your wedding colors? Grab your laptop and a cup of coffee, you’ll be needing it.

Wedding color
Pantone Choice

Nothing goes better with a spring wedding then green, the color of spring!

Wedding Color
By Mary | Published August 30, 2016

Mauve purple and gray neutral are perfect for elegance, it also looks great against any contrast color.

Wedding Color

This neutral color palette brings out the soft warm colors of summer and spring. The simpler shades you chose, the easier it will be to match the centerpieces.…

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The perfect Wedding Cake; Whats your style?

March 30, 2017

When it comes to picking out your wedding cake, you want something that stands out.

Wedding cakes are a huge part of the Wedding ceremony, its the centerpiece if you will.  So whats your style?

The Main Attraction

Pair the pink flowers with the soft white fondant statement to contrast the fairytale look with a soft, natural touch.

Shine for Love

This simple yet elegant cake works for simplicity as well as dazzle. The rhinestones give a luxe update to the classy white complexion of this square cake.

Berry Bold

Who says your wedding cake needs to be white? Try deep berry to throw your guests and match the colors of your wedding.…

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Spring & Summer Wedding Ideas

March 23, 2017

Need some wedding ideas for your spring or summer wedding?

Check out these helpful tips

Wedding Ideas
Outdoor Spring Wedding

You can get this simple outdoor wedding look easily by using;
2)paper lanterns
3)circle tables
4)your choice of table settings
5)center pieces

This look could be used for your rehearsal dinner or wedding reception! After, you’ve decided which to apply it too you can start working on other things for your summer themed wedding. No doubt that summer is prime time for weddings, so you better start planning! However, this isn’t the only thing you should be focusing on. In addition to planning the rehearsal & reception, lets talk about the location.…

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Wedding Makeup

Wedding Makeup; Do it Yourself

March 15, 2017

Having trouble deciding your wedding makeup for your big day?

In fact, brides from all over have the same problem. What makeup should they wear on their wedding day? First were going to talk about natural makeup. Natural makeup on your wedding day is one of the most popular looks for brides. This look gives the bride a softer appearance and it looks great on camera as well as elegant.

Natural Bride

Wedding makeup
Author Archives: Elizabeth

Wedding makeup like this can be easily achieved in less than an hour, which saves time to get your bridesmaids makeup done as well. Meanwhile, your bridesmaids are getting their wedding makeup done this could be the perfect time to take some photos alone or with family.…

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Wedding Backdrop

Wedding Backdrops; Do It Yourself

March 8, 2017

Ever wondered how brides get those perfect pictures for their weddings in front of those amazing wedding backdrops?

However, today were going to help out our fellow brides with a few simple but elegant ways to create your own wedding backdrops for their wedding photos.

After all every bride knows her wedding day photos are the most important things other than her ceremony. Having that in mind, look beyond the bride and groom having their picture taken. Whats in the background? A wedding backdrop!

Here are some quick and affordable ways to enhance your wedding background in your photos:

Its so simple you can even use paper!…

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Photo from Buzzfeed

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

February 27, 2017

Your whole life you dreamed of the perfect wedding, and part of what will make your wedding-planning process, and the big day, perfect is having your friends by your side every step of the way! It’s time for you to pop the question to your future bridesmaids! Here are a few creative ideas to get your besties to SAY YES to becoming your #BrideSquad – your wedding VIPs – your bridal party!

1. Take your girls out for a spa day! Once there, hand them cute eye masks like these, but be sure to adhere, or embroider, the message, “Will You Be My Bridesmaid,” on the inside of each mask!…

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Pasadena Princess, Photo by Duke Photography

Why Wedding Estates?

February 17, 2017

You JUST SAID YES! Congratulations! There will be many moments that you will want to be captured throughout the journey of planning your wedding, along with on your actual wedding day! The Wedding Estates team is here to help! We offer more than three hundred private properties in Southern California, which are available for proposal, engagement, save-the-date and wedding photography. It would be an honor to capture your memories at one of our estates! Here are a few reasons why you should choose us!


 1.  Create & Capture Memories – By choosing Wedding Estates, you will turn a wedding photography session into a MEMORY OF A LIFETIME!…

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Noors Bridal Show

Upcoming Bridal Shows in Southern California

February 8, 2017

Wedding planning can seem like a daunting task, until you realize that the process will consist of playing dress-up, tasting cakes galore and most importantly, going to lots of parties (well, they call them bridal shows, but we all know they’re just an excuse to have fun and socialize while planning your wedding)!

Our goal at Wedding Estates, is first and foremost, to help you find the perfect, private location for your save-the-date, engagement and wedding photography, and secondly to be a resource during your entire wedding-planning process! We’ve created a list of the top wedding parties (oops, we meant to say, bridal shows and expositions) this Spring!…

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