May 29, 2018

Alternative Guest Book

I  am sure by now we have all seen or heard of couples requesting that their wedding guests use their personal hashtag when uploading pictures of the festivities to social networks. It’s a great way for both you and your guests to easily look through all the photos that were taken during the celebration, once it’s ended, and see how your guests enjoyed the festivities. While we love this, why not kick things up a notch by giving your guests an additional opportunity to make memories with a video booth?! This guest book alternative, coined as the “guest box,” is an exciting way to see everyone who showed up for the big day. guest book

Guest Book

It can easily be done by setting up an iPad or camcorder, and adding a unique backdrop. Create a nook for your guests to step away from the party for a bit and leave the newlyweds a heartfelt message, or record themselves singing and dancing along to songs being played during the reception. This will bring plenty of entertainment for everyone all night long! Afterwards, enjoy watching how much fun your guests had celebrating!

Guest Bookguest book

By : Carabella