June 20, 2018

If you aren’t jetting off on your honeymoon in the early morning, hosting a bridal brunch for your bridal party and family is a great way to end the wedding weekend. Continue the celebration with a post-wedding brunch to reminisce about the day and spend more time with those you love and don’t get to see as often. Here’s a guide to hosting a post-wedding brunch!


It’s a nice gesture to say thank you to all of your guests who have traveled miles to see you say “I do,” but a send off post wedding brunch is the ultimate way to thank them.…

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June 19, 2018

More couples than ever are doing away with Britain’s great wedding traditions – from confetti throwing, to the classic white bridal gown

We all know to expect with a Great British wedding – the white dress, the exchange of rings, a toast to the bride and groom, and confetti in the air as the happy couple drive away in a “Just Married” car.

But it turns out that more couples than ever are throwing the rulebook out the window, as a new survey by group travel experts Red7 has revealed that attitudes to weddings are seriously changing.

Of the 2,002 respondents surveyed, almost a third admitted that they wouldn’t insist on any wedding traditions at all on their big day, while nearly three quarters of brides stated that they wouldn’t choose to wear a white dress.…

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Getting Engaged 101; Step by step

June 15, 2018

Getting engaged, ten steps that will help you pop the question!

1. Determine your relationship status, are your ready for marriage?

Is he or she the one? Before proposing, make sure each person is ready for a marriage commitment. Getting married is merging two lives into one family.  So its important to know for sure that this will be the person you will spend the rest of your life with.

2. Future plans
Sit down with your future husband or wife and talk about values and future goals. Make sure you touch topics such as family planning, religion, dreams, house plans, etc.…

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The Wedding Planning Challenge

June 14, 2018

Are you planning your wedding? Great, we’ve got a challenge for you!

Heres how its done; we want you to challenge yourself towards accomplishing at least one task a week for your wedding planning. After all, the sooner you can cross things off your list the sooner you can stop stressing. We recommend starting with the larger more worrisome details such as, venues, catering, dress, tux, wedding party, etc. With that said, lets get started!

Task #1
Have you decided on the color scheme for your wedding?
If so, then great job. If not, we’re going to help you pick out the best colors for your theme, as well as give you tips for seasonal choices.…

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The Ultimate Beach Wedding Guide

June 13, 2018

When we plan a beach wedding, it’s easy to plan the design of the wedding. But what many people forget is the practical details of the wedding. Here is the ultimate practical beach wedding guide.


Make sure your guests are comfortable

Plan your wedding after the season and weather. Bring umbrellas and cool drinks for hot weather, or inexpensive blankets for cooler weather. If you plan on having a sunset wedding, make sure to set up lighting to ensure the safety of you guests. And last, don’t forget to mention if parts or the full wedding will take place on the beach so guests can dress themselves suitably.…

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Wedding Dress Trends of 2018

June 12, 2018

For the bride to be, 2018 is waiting just around the corner.

Even though we already see wedding trends of 2019 on the runway, this article will showcase the biggest wedding trends of next year. Forget about the all-white wedding dress, 2018 will brace up with all from black accents to shades of blue.

Black Accents

Here comes the bride, and the bride wore…black. Yes, you heard it, in 2018 we see lots of black statements on the classic white wedding dress. We cannot other than love this trend!

Photo cred: VeraWangPhoto
Vera Wang-Spring 2018


Say I do, in a wedding dress consisting of more than one piece?…

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What a Bride Really Wants

June 11, 2018

There are a lot of things a bride wants; the most important thing is that the night of her dreams goes just as planned. We’ve all heard talk of this bridezilla that comes to life while in the midst of planning a wedding. Its time to embrace it, STRESS HAPPENS. Lets work on this as a team if we don’t want bridezilla to come to life!
How exactly can you make each brides big day dreams come true?

First discovery is that WEDDINGS ARE ALL ABOUT THE COUPLE.
Often times, we forget during the planning that the wedding is for the special couple.…

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Photo: Elizabeth Burgi Location: Concrete Loft

Engagement Photoshoot Tips

June 8, 2018

Wedding Estates provides private estates for proposal, engagement, save-the-date and wedding photography. We love capturing love stories at our beautiful estates and know how important these photos are to you. That is why we’ve collaborated with Betsy Erickson and Jen Jar, extremely talented photographers based in California, to bring you wonderful advice so that your engagement photography session will be the best possible!


Erickson recommends booking your engagement session about two-six months in advance. Remember that weekends are often very busy for your photographer, so be prepared to do your engagement session on a weekday. Working out the details and clearly communicating in advance with your photographer will ensure that the process is smooth and enjoyable, not to mention you will be more likely to get all of the photos on your checklist if you communicate your desires from the photo shoot ahead of time.…

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Wedding Poses

June 7, 2018



Let’s face it, not all of us have had camera experience, and it can be a little awkward having to figure out the perfect wedding poses on the spot. You can ease those jitters about being in front of the camera with these wedding pose charts and photographs from real weddings. When the big day comes, it will look like you’ve had plenty of experience being photographed. The pinup poses can be done on your own as you’re getting your hair and makeup done, with the wedding photographer in the room snapping away shots of you modeling effortlessly. Just wait until your other half sees these photos of you, they’ll fall in love all over again!…

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Tips on how to pick out your wedding jewelry

June 6, 2018

Ladies are you ready to look spectacular on your wedding day? Picking out your wedding day jewelry can be difficult, but were here to help with that. Follow these tips and don’t be afraid to make some personal touches.

1. Match metals with colors

Traditional white: Pale white dresses are complimented nicely against platinum or silver.

Ivory: Often times gold looks best with the creamy shade of ivory.

Champagne: In most cases champagne dresses look best with gold jewelry.

Shark white: This color could go both ways. Gold jewelry will soften the color, whereas silver will sharpen the color.

2. Dress to neck ratio
First, while choosing jewelry you’ll want to keep in mind your dress style as well as the neckline.…

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Give Your Parents An Anniversary Gift They Will Cherish Forever

June 5, 2018

(This blogpost is written by guest writer Wendy Dessler, associated with

Your parents mean so much to you. They are always supportive and loving. You know how hard they worked to give you everything you needed. Maybe they even gave you your dream wedding. Now you (and your siblings) want to return the favor. Their anniversary is coming up and you want to celebrate in style. This will surely be the anniversary of their dreams.  We have a few ideas to help you get started.

Before we begin, let’s talk about finances. Weddings and celebrations like you are planning are not inexpensive.

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Our David Yurman Contest Winners; at the Pasadena Princess

June 4, 2018

It was such a romantic family affair over this beautiful Saturday at the Pasadena Princess. Jennifer and Judson, our David Yurman contest winners were awarded with a complimentary photoshoot at our Pasadena Princess estate. As well as hair, makeup, florals, and a complimentary photographer! Here are some behind the scenes photos of our beautiful couple . They will be getting married in Hawaii this September!

Jennifer & Judson
Behind the Scenes with @andyseostudio
Family Photos <3 @andyseostudio
David Yurman Lanai Wedding Collection
David Yurman Lanai Wedding Collection
Pasadena Princess Estate

Congratulations Jen & Jet!! Wishing you the best!!


Wedding Estates…

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