Save Money For Your Honeymoon

Easy Ways To Save Money For Your Honeymoon

July 17, 2019

Often times couples believe they have to settle for a less extravagant honeymoon in order to cover the costs of their wedding, travel, and honeymoon. We are here to crush this myth and show you exactly how to save for your dream honeymoon without cutting lots of costs out of your wedding! In fact, our system is so easy you’ll be wondering why you’ve never thought of this! Are you ready to find out how to save money for your honeymoon? Let’s get started…

Save Money For Your Honeymoon

Cut The Coffee

First, a little money goes a long way. Do you and your spouse enjoy a delicious cup of Starbucks coffee every morning on your way to the office?…

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summer wedding decor

Simple Summer Wedding Decor For Outdoor Weddings

July 16, 2019

Summer wedding decor should be colorful and fresh. In order to pull off a gorgeous summer wedding reception you’ve got to do 2 things right. First, have cold beverages and light foods. After all, it’s not summer without some cold watermelon and a nice cold cocktail! Next, keep the decor on the tables light and airy. This will open up the table for everyone to talk more easily and allow the cool summer breeze to flow. In fact, we’re going to show you some perfect examples of how to pull this off below…

Summer Wedding Decor

Light & Airy Table Settings

Going light on the table decor will allow more room for people, and make it easier to talk over the table.…

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Wedding Lash Trends

3 Jaw Dropping Wedding Lash Trends for 2019

July 12, 2019

It is no secret lashes enhance any look! Nobody is hiding that, and we are here for it! We are also desperate to know what’s going to be on trend this year. If you are too, keep reading, because we are going to dive in into the top 3 jaw dropping wedding lash trends we have seen for this year, and the ones we predict that you’ll be gravitating towards in the coming months.


In 2019, we’ll be all about bringing the drama — WITHOUT the length. These thick, full sets are inspired by the top fashion houses’ most dramatic makeup looks. …

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Wedding Dress Inspiration

Wedding Dress Inspiration For The Summer Season

July 12, 2019

Due to the heat during the summer months, it can be tricky to find the perfect wedding dress. Since you want to feel comfortable and you don’t want to be sweating all day, it’s important to find something that breathes. In fact, we know just where to find these gorgeous summer wedding gowns that will compliment our curves, be comfortable, and they are customizable. So, without further ado lets get into this wedding dress inspiration.

Wedding Dress Inspiration

Berta Bridal

“Berta has an avant-gard design style, one that always tests the barriers and boundaries of the modern world of fashion design.

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The Right Wedding Songs

The Right Wedding Songs For Each Dance

July 11, 2019

When it comes to choosing the right wedding songs it’s not the task you want to leave until the last minute, trust me. So, ensuring that you have the best wedding reception music is essential. Apart from the fact that the music sets the theme for the wedding, you will get to hear these songs over and over when you watch the wedding videos. In fact, the most popular wedding music genres are usually soul music, jazz, classic, ballads, hip hop and R & B. With that being said, today we are sharing with you the top, and the very best wedding music.…

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Grooms Suit Trends

Grooms Suit Trends For The Summer Wedding Season

July 10, 2019

Since we show the brides so much love with our articles, today we turn towards the grooms! So fellas, we’ve got some summer wedding trends for you. In fact, being in a suit during a hot summer day is truly an honorable task. With that being said, we want to share with you 5 grooms suit trends that can help you stay cooler and comfortable on your big day.

Grooms Suit Trends

  1. Go For Lighter Colors

Since black attracts and traps heat, it’s not ideal to go for a black suit in the summer months. However, if your wedding is mostly indoor you may still want to go with the traditional black.…

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Summer Wedding Glam Ideas

5 Warm Summer Wedding Glam Ideas

July 8, 2019

Summer weddings are the perfect opportunity to show your natural beauty, chic style, and new gorgeous tan. Every year we fall in love with the summer wedding makeup trends. Not only are they soft and warm, but they are also highlighted and dewy. This year we are helping brides all over the world achieve their dream summer wedding glam. So, open a tab for Pinterest and get ready to fall in love with these summer wedding glam ideas!

Summer Wedding Glam Ideas

Sunkissed Glam With Natural Brows

This look is absolutely stunning in the summer. With soft highlights on her cheek bones, brow bone, and décolletage the sun hits these spots perfectly.…

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Easy Summer Farmhouse Wedding

Planning An Easy Summer Farmhouse Wedding

July 6, 2019

Have you ever been to a farmhouse wedding? If you haven’t, we’re going to show you how its done, everything about this theme is so cute and warm. From the hill sides to the decor, easy summer farmhouse wedding can be so chic! Here is some relevant wedding inspiration.

Easy Summer Farmhouse Wedding

What to Expect

It’s very likely, that the wedding will mostly be outdoors. As you can imagine, farmhouse weddings take place on a farm. Go Figure! With that said, ladies you’ll want to avoid wearing heel so your feet don’t sink into the grass. We recommend cowgirl boots or even flats for under your dress, who is really going to see with your dress covering your feet right?…

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Summer Wedding Bouquet

Every Brides Dream Summer Wedding Bouquet

July 4, 2019

Summer is here ladies and we are living for the wedding trends! So far this summer we’ve seen some of the most beautiful wedding dresses, makeup looks, and hair styles. However, when it comes to summer flowers, some of our brides are still searching for the perfect summer wedding bouquet! A summer wedding bouquet should be full of color, and show off your style at the same time. Check out these examples…

Summer Wedding Bouquet

Pastel Obsession

Pastels are so beautiful in the summer. Not only are they colorful, but they are also soft and subtle. Often times, the sun can be bright and overbearing in the summer, so off setting the light with soft flowers can be really gorgeous.…

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Summer Inspired Wedding Cakes

5 Summer Inspired Wedding Cakes We Love

July 3, 2019

Summer is here and so is your wedding! This is such an important day for you and we are here for it. With that being said, we know just how important it is for you to look your best not only for your wedding and honeymoon, but also for the summer season that follows. With that being said, we’ve gathered 5 summer inspired wedding cakes we love for your wedding! Oh! Don’t worry, all of our inspo for this is low fat, low sugar just for this season.

5 Summer Inspired Wedding Cakes

Iceless wedding cakes are a great way to reduce sugars from having no icing.…

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Perfect Rustic Wedding

A Bride’s Guide To The Perfect Rustic Wedding

July 2, 2019

Have you been dreaming of the perfect rustic wedding? Summer sunsets are the perfect setting for rustic weddings. Rustic weddings are perfect for the summer because of the use of outdoor venues and earthy decor options. For example, think of all the beautiful looks you can create in the countryside. Not only that, but the lighting for your wedding pictures is so soft and warm. Unlike the winter months, when the lighting is cold and harder to control when shooting outdoors. Rustic weddings are a great way to incorporate nature into the decor, and can even cut costs. So, what are some great ideas for your rustic wedding?…

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dreamy wedding decor ideas

5 Dreamy Wedding Decor Ideas For The Summer

June 28, 2019

When it comes to wedding decor, there are so many options it can be overwhelming. With summer around the corner weddings are popping up all over the place! So, we decided to pull summer wedding inspo from some of our favorite event designers to help you narrow down your idea choices. Here are 5 Dreamy Wedding Decor Ideas For The Summer..

Dreamy Wedding Decor Ideas

Outdoor Tent Summer Wedding

Depending on where you live and the weather, the summer is usually a great time to host an outdoor wedding! Flowers are in bloom, everything looks brighter, and even the sun stays out longer.…

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