February 2, 2018


We all know by now how important a well-written blog is to our business, but it is often hard to come up with topics.  Below are a list of 20 topics that you could use as a jumping off point for many future blog posts for your wedding planning business blog.


  • Local venue feature
  • Local trends
  • What to expect from your wedding planner
  • Real Weddings (I like to split the weddings into multiple posts, such as floral details, ceremony décor, printed materials. Etc. )
  • Unique guest book ideas
  • DIY trends
  • Cost saving tips
  • Why hire a wedding planner (This is a good post to have in your archives. It gives readers a reference as to why you and your services are valuable.)
  • Tips for choosing a venue
  • What is the difference between an independent wedding planner and a on-site venue coordinator? (Lots of venues advertise having a planner on site and brides do not think they need to hire a planner.)
  • How to create a wedding day timeline
  • Small touches to increase guest comfort
  • Seasonal color trends
  • Interview with a past client (If you have a client who you just loved working with and who sings your praises, this is a way to take it a step beyond a short review.)
  • What to include in guest welcome bags
  • Questions to ask before you hire your (insert wedding vendor category)
  • How to create a wedding budget
  • Creative wedding favors
  • Holiday themed party posts (Holidays are a perfect time to write about setting a beautiful table, or tips for how to plan a party so you can enjoy it as much as your guests.
  • Creating a wedding day emergency kit for the bride and bridesmaids

My goal when writing for my blog is to give the reader enough information to be helpful but not so much that they feel they do not need my services. You want to be viewed as a resource, and someone they need to create their perfect wedding day. And remember there are many reasons to blog even if you think no one is reading.

By : Carabella