October 6, 2017

What Does Your Wedding Cake Look Like?

Remember when it comes to the cake it's not all about the looks, taste is a huge factor. One thing to think of is how many guests will be attending? This will help with decide how big you want your cake to be. Match your cake to your decor or theme, this way everything flows smoothly with your designs. With that in mind here are some cake styles WE love! 

Which style suits you?

Stacked cakes are always good, traditional, beautiful, elegant and still coming in #1 for cake choice. Fun new ways of making wedding cakes include, cupcakes, donuts, cake-pops, and mini wedding cakes. Keep in mind, your wedding cake doesn't always have to be cake, it can be whatever you desire. WE hope this helps you make your choice and don't forget to check out our Pinterest for more cake shapes, styles, colors, and flavors.

By : Carabella