September 20, 2017

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2017

Unlike any other piece of fashion, an engagement ring doesn’t just show off your personality or fashion sense – it puts the nature of your relationship on display for the world to see.
Of course, many of us have enough trouble turning our feelings into words, let alone jewelry. Especially most of us guys out there.
So, where to begin? Well, start with the basics: What’s everybody else doing?
Seeing what’s out there will help give you the know-how you need to not be swindled by your local jeweler, and point you in the direction of finding the symbol of your bond you’d be proud to advertise.
Here are the top five trends in engagement rings today:

Pavé Settings

First, you can’t go wrong with more diamonds. Derived from the French word meaning “to pave,” this classic trend involves paving the ring band with smaller diamonds to give it all-around appeal.

Aside from the added spectacle of numerous little shimmering stones, these rings offer the chance to reveal your relationship’s strong bond from end to end – at every corner, something to treasure.

Pavè Ring

Geometric Designs

Next, there’s a reason the ancients built castles and coliseums using these basic designs – they’re durable, timeless, and appealing. Rings with feminine curves surely have their place, but with today’s dating culture, stability and tradition have become extremely sought-after qualities.

Diamonds fashioned after these mystical forms will be an appropriately bold statement of how strong your relationship is. Such timeless designs represent a commitment to the future, as these can be handed down from generation to generation, gathering sentimental significance.

Symmetry is naturally attractive, and these sure-fire designs embody those relationships which are beautiful at every angle – fitting together to form a bond which will outlast the pyramids.

Geometric Design Ring

Three’s Company (Three-Stone Styles)

This new relatively new trend takes aim at couples who connect their relationship with spirit, philosophy and faith. Engagement is more than just the joining of two individuals, it represents the beginning of something grander.
Three stones symbolize the past, present, and future of a relationship and are powerful, timeless symbols of a fateful bond.

Three Stone Ring

Nature-Inspired Designs

Intricate weaves and entangling bands offer the chance to get especially unique and creative. These rings combine easily stand-alone concepts as pave settings, claw prongs, and colored diamonds to tell a unique story.
Regardless of the cut, this versatile approach will allow the setting to fit the diamond in a way that compliments each facet. An ethereal approach to a classic cut will fashion your budget to meet the demands your priceless match deserves.
These elemental designs are as eye-catching as they are evocative of a relationship that was written in the stars.

Nature Inspired Ring

Rose Gold

Furthermore, in every successful relationship, versatility and adaptation are essential to overcoming any challenge. Flattering every skin tone, this unique coloring has become a favorite amongst future brides.
In conclusion, regardless of the design, the rose gold engagement ring instantly screams uniqueness and warmth – offering the contrast every diamond needs to really shine.

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Rose Gold Ring

Guest Blog by,
Barry Hirsch
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