November 9, 2018

Fall Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

When the seasons change there are so many opportunities to incorporate nature into your wedding photoshoot! When it comes to planning your wedding photoshoot in the fall use these tips;

Trees; When the seasons change the most beautiful part is the changing & falling of the leaves.

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Snow; This is romantic, different, and adventurous. If you’re not able to travel to the know, make some!

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Dim Lights; In the fall, use hanging lights or letter that light up. This will bring warmth to your photos.

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Night; Often times, when the winter seasons come you can see the stars more. If you’re a sucker for the sky, plan a night shoot and capture some of those natural sparkles.

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Rain; There is nothing more romantic than kissing in the rain. Plan your photoshoot around stormy weather in order to avoid using a hose to make it rain.

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By : Carabella