June 28, 2018

Where to; Registry & Inspiration

Have you already registered for you wedding? If so, where did you register? Some of the most well known places, might not be the best choice. In fact, we’re going to give you some inside tips to getting everything you want for better prices and even better quality. Check out these tips!

1. AMAZON!!!!
One of the largest distributors of products worldwide is Amazon. Just the fact that Amazon literally has anything you could ever think of makes them the #1 source for gifts. Think about it, Amazon has so many sellers as well so you can get the same product at so many different prices! To top it off, FREE shipping! Most of the time, you can get free shipping if you have PRIME or even a student account. This is a huge bonus for your wedding guests, they can get you the nicest gifts at the best price!

2. Target
Another great place to register would be Target. Target is known for better quality and reasonable pricing, not to mention they have just about anything you can think of. Customer service is great there and they make it easy to register. In fact, they give you the scanner and you walk through the store and scan the things you want, whatever you scan goes right to your registry.

3. Bed Bath & Beyond
When it comes to the most used registry, Bed Bath & Beyond takes the win. This place is packed full of great things you will need, not to mention the large variety they have for each individual item. However, sometimes it may get a bit pricey but not to worry the quality of each item is well worth the cost. Like Target, you take the scanner and scan each gift into your registry. It’s as simple as 1 2 3.

For those of us who are a bit more classy, Bloomingdales will be the spot for you. Their registry is amazing and full of options. Sales are huge at Bloomies, so if you can plan your registry around a sale it’s going to be even better for not only you but also your guests.

Also, brides if you’re reading these blogs leave us comments & tips. We would love to improve our content and blog about relevant topics you may be struggling with. Thank you again, and have a good weekend.

By : Carabella