Alexandra Wallace



Alexandra is a photographer based on the California coast, nestled right between San Francisco and Los Angeles. After graduating high school, she spent a bit of time at the Brooks Institute to pursue a career as a film director. While the world of film will always be near and dear to her heart, an issue of Entertainment Weekly is always within her arm’s reach, she found that she wasn’t entirely happy with where her life was headed.
A full-time photographer, she mainly specializes in fashion and fine art wedding photography. She has traveled up and down the West Coast, across the country, and even through Western Europe. She is well-versed in both digital and film photography, and likes to think that her work walks a line between editorial and candid photography.

Contact Details


E-Mail: Alexandra@alexandra-wallace.com

Phone: (805) 794-8007

Website: https://https://www.alexandra-wallace.com/

City: California


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