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LINDSAY LOUISE WOOLF Photography is based in Southern California and is available World-Wide. I believe in capturing moments. I believe in taking pictures you want in your family for generations. I was trained with film. I love natural light. I love my family. I’m passionate about taking photos, I specialize in weddings and events.

This is how I got where I am-

I grew up in a beautiful small town. My earliest memories all consist of being in the water, eating watermelon, or being on stage at the community theater. I always loved going through old boxes of photos under my grandparent’s bed. During holidays my parents would pull out the old 35mm slide projector and I would stare at the wall for hours looking at family pictures. This is where my love for photography first began. It wasn’t just the composition, colors, lighting, and looks on peoples faces that made me fall in love, it was that to me photography represented family time, the photos we would look at all had fantastic stories to go along with them, and just looking at the pictures brought us all closer. I appreciated every moment I had in the woods and the lake, but I knew it was time for an adventure and to expand my knowledge for photography.

So I was off to Southern California to the ocean and palm trees to study at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography. My experience at Brooks was life altering; not only did I push my knowledge of photography to the limit, but I met some great friends, one of which I married. Since my graduation I’ve had the opportunity to travel throughout the world, and work with some of the top photographers in the industry. Now, having a family of my own and capturing those moments in my children’s life I am inspired everyday. As a family we enjoy going to the farmers market, the beach, traveling and cooking.


Price Range Details

50% Deposit Due to Book Session
*All images will be professionally edited and adjusted for proper exposure, brightness, contrast and color correction.
*My custom website will host all of your images for 30 days which allows you and your family to view, share and order professional prints through LLWOOLF Photography.

Wedding Photography Coverage:
$1300 - 3 hours
$1600 - 4 hours
$1900 - 5 hours
$2200 - 6 hours
$2500 - 7 hours
$2800 - 8 hours
$3100 - 9 hours
$3400 - 10 hours
Additional Photographer - $400 flat rate
Rehearsal Dinner - $300/hour
Digital Downloads:
All Images: 95-105 images/hour

Engagement/Bridal Session - $495
2 Hours of Photography
Up to 2 People/$10 Each Additional Person
5 Digital Downloads {printable up to a 16x20}

Professional Prints:
4X6: $3.00
5X7: $9.00
8X10: $16.00
11X14: $24.00
16X20: $60.00
24X30: $125.00
24 Wallets: $16.00

Canvas Prints:
5X7: $40.00
8X10: $60.00
11X14: $80.00
16X20: $140.00
20X24: $190.00
24X30: $270.00

Print Package One - $98.00
(2) 11X14, (2) 8X10, (2) 5X7
Print Package Two - $110.00
(1) 16X20, (2) 8X10, (2) 5X7
Print Package Three: $208.00
(1) Canvas 16X20, (2) 8X10, (4) 5X7
Print Package Four: $254.00
(2) 16X20, (2) 11X14, (2) 8X10, (6) 5X7

4X6 Album Prints:
95-105 Images/hour


Contact Details


E-Mail: lindsay@llwoolf.com

Phone: (805) 705-3326

Website: https://https://www.llwoolf.com/

City: Santa Monica | Available for nationwide travel


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