August 29, 2018

Handy 12 Month Wedding Day Timeline To Keep You Calm While Shopping For The Dress Of Your Dreams

Wedding Day Timeline is something every bride has to contend with once the initial engagement excitement wears off. From finalizing the date to choosing your dream gown and making honeymoon plans, there are hundreds of details you need to cover. However, to ensure that your dress is ready in time for the ceremony, you need to allow enough time for delivery, alterations and the like.

But how does one stay organized and on top of things? So, creating a wedding checklist timeline can really relieve a lot of the stress of shopping for your bridal gown. It will help you stay focused and stick to a realistic time frame. A wedding day timeline can save you so much worry and hassle in the long run.

But where to get started? You can either create your own or find a wedding timeline example to use as a guide. We have included a sample to give you a head start!

Emily from Wedding Forward is excited to share with you top tips and a detailed twelve-month wedding timeline for shopping for bridal gowns!

12 Month Wedding Day Timeline for Dress
12 months is a realistic time to create your wedding itinerary and start shopping for your wedding gown. Following is a sample of the dress shopping tips you should incorporate into your wedding timeline.

12 Months
● Create a realistic dress budget
○ Don’t forget to budget for accessories such as shoes, veil, jewelry, gloves, lingerie and the like
● Envision your dress
○ Start thinking about the color, style, silhouette, etc of your dream gown
○ Take your venue and wedding theme into consideration
○ Remember to choose a gown that fits your body type and personality
● Look online for ideas
○ Browse online bridal salons, etc to get an idea of your perfect bridal down
● Start calling salons, boutiques, and so forth
○ Many salons require an advanced appoint to be sure to give them ample time
● Start the shopping process
○ Now that you have a general idea, let the shopping adventure begin!

8 Months To Go
● Make your final decision and purchase your dress
● Start shopping for accessories
● Schedule alteration appointments

3 – 5 Months
The big day is just months away! Make sure that you are sticking to your planned wedding schedule!

● Purchase bridal lingerie
● Shop for shoes
● Select any missing accessories (veil, gloves, jewelry, etc)
● Keep your fitting appointments

2-3 Weeks
● Have your final fitting
● Break in your shoes, so they are comfortable for your big day
● Schedule cleaning/pressing appointment if needed

1 Week
● Pick up your dress
● Store in a safe place
● Coordinate dress with accessories

If you adhere to this schedule and the other details of your wedding day timeline, you should definitely be prepared. Remember that shopping for your wedding dress should be a fun and exciting occasion. You have been dreaming of this moment your entire life! This guide will help you ensure that you remember all of the little details that you might otherwise overlook. With so many things on your mind, you can never be too careful!

Now that you have your timeline for wedding dress shopping in check, you can start thinking about the other details of your wedding. We wish you the best of luck and are certain that you will be a stunning bride!

By : Carabella