September 28, 2017

Wedding Dress Trends of 2018

For the bride to be, 2018 is waiting just around the corner.

Even though we already see wedding trends of 2019 on the runway, this article will showcase the biggest wedding trends of next year. Forget about the all-white wedding dress, 2018 will brace up with all from black accents to shades of blue.

Black Accents

Here comes the bride, and the bride wore…black. Yes, you heard it, in 2018 we see lots of black statements on the classic white wedding dress. We cannot other than love this trend!

Photo cred: VeraWangPhoto
Vera Wang-Spring 2018


Say I do, in a wedding dress consisting of more than one piece? On the runway, we see lots of separates, with all from jumpsuits to suit dresses. Do you dare to wear this bold wedding suit, and differentiate yourself from most other brides?

Photo cred: Sachin&BabiPhoto
Sachin & Babi-Spring 2018

Cascading Ruffles

This wedding trend takes the classic “Cinderella Dress” to a whole new level. This is a very feminine wedding dress trend that we cannot other than love. Even though some dresses are covered in ruffles from top to toe, we think that it might be a few too many ruffles for the average bride to be.

Photo cred: InesDiSantoPhoto
Ines Di Santo-Spring 2018

Shades of Blue

Blue consists of plenty different tints and shades, and as in any fashion trend the color has a specific shade that’s trendy. For the wedding dress trends of 2018, it’s the “Easter Egg Blue” shade that has been proven trendy. Well, let’s just call it pale blue for easiness.

Photo cred: RandyFenoliPhoto
Randy Fenoli-Spring 2018

Feathered Friends

Let’s father away like you are the center of Swan Lake. We see this “birdy” trend all over the runways, and we just love this fairytale dress trend.  Don’t you love the dimensions it brings to the dress?

Photo cred: NaeemKhanPhoto
Naeem Khan-Spring 2018

By : Josephine