May 11, 2018

Wedding Mood Boards

If you haven’t subscribed to Wedding Estates yet, you’re missing out on access to over 300 exclusive locations across Southern California, along with a chance to visualize the special day, by creating your own wedding mood boards!

When looking through each estate’s photos, you have the option to add images to your personal mood board, allowing you to create a vision of the big day! The mood board transfers to each location page, keeping pictures previously added so you can put together your unique wedding style. With an unlimited amount of pictures to place on the board, you’ll get some serious wedding inspiration while you’re in the midst of planning. Once you’ve finished with a mood board and want a selection of wedding styles to choose from, you can generate the board into a PDF, email it to yourself for keeping, go back to delete the pictures on your old board, and start a new one. Find your inspiration and enjoy making your wedding dreams come to life!


By : Carabella