June 7, 2018

Wedding Poses



Let’s face it, not all of us have had camera experience, and it can be a little awkward having to figure out the perfect wedding poses on the spot. You can ease those jitters about being in front of the camera with these wedding pose charts and photographs from real weddings. When the big day comes, it will look like you’ve had plenty of experience being photographed. The pinup poses can be done on your own as you’re getting your hair and makeup done, with the wedding photographer in the room snapping away shots of you modeling effortlessly. Just wait until your other half sees these photos of you, they’ll fall in love all over again! The other poses are for both of you to have fun showing your love through the camera, without having to worry about what will and won’t turn out right. Strike any of these wedding poses and enjoy amazing photos of timeless memories!





By : Carabella